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theme eight. gasoline. © clairesrps.

general information.

  • please do not steal or redistribute this theme.
  • feel free to edit it for personal use, but keep the credit in tact. 
  • do not use this theme as a base code.
  • please like and/or reblog if you use this theme.

customization information.

  • the sidebar image is 200x313px wide exactly.
  • the posts are 500px wide.
  • your description will automatically fit into a scroll box once there’s a
  • certain amount of text there.
  • there are six links in the sidebar, four of them are customizable.

static preview & code.


Pastel Blogroll Theme | Preview | Message me for the code.

After about three weeks of working on this theme, I have finally finished it! I made this theme for the anon that wanted a blogroll theme, so here ya go! 

Theme includes:
Rotating when hovered over icons 
Rotating when hovered over links
Pop up ask 
Stripes on both sides 
Tooltips show when hovered over icons and ‘theme’ 
Blog animation!
Scroll bar inside the box 
Cute sparkle pixels between ‘Back, ask, and theme’
Cute dotted purple background
Cute little purple cursor (Can be changed if you want)

Credit for some of the codes: 
Rotating codes by Htmltutor 
Strip on blog by Precluding 
Scroll bar by Zorkat

This is a simple blogroll theme! Hope you enjoy this theme!! 
*I do know when showed the stripes show black, but they show the stripe background in a second!*

Please like if thinking of using!



All the world’s a candy store,

He’s been trick-or-treatin’.

When it comes to true love girl with him there’s no one home.

This is my fifth theme! And even though it’s my fifth theme, I’m pretty sure that something is wrong with it. If you come across a problem, feel free to message me about it. If I can find the problem myself, I’ll fix it and post the new code right away. If you need help editing anything, feel free to message me. Now, I’m pretty aware that there has been numerous accusations of people stealing themes, and then there’s the few that actually stole them, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen anything else like this in the theme world. There’s a difference between accusing and asking, just keep that in mind.


This theme is fairly easy to edit, in my opinion, but again, if you have any trouble with anything, please feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help you out. You can feel free to edit this theme as much as you wish, but it’s a requirement that you leave the credit in tact in the bottom, right hand corner. If you intend to use this theme (or are some sort of role-play blog), please like or reblog this post. 

  • This theme was created using this base code, and I even credited the person in my own code. I have drawn inspiration from plenty of my previously edited themes that I got from here.
  • If you couldn’t tell already, this theme is dedicated to thee one, and only, Santana Lopez. She is literally me more than ninety percent of the time, so I figured it was only fair to dedicate my second theme pack to her. Cold Hearted was sung by her during the sixteenth episode of the first season. You can listen to it here


  • This theme includes two sidebar pictures. The left sidebar picture’s dimensions 350 x 150, and the right sidebar picture’s dimensions are 245 x 667. 
  • It includes one backdrop box, which contain a pattern if you so wish to put on there. You can locate patterns here
  • There are four links in total, but only two are customizable. 
  • When you first paste the code, it’s going to look incredibly grey and plain, but the colors are easily customizable and everything is labeled as it should be.
  • The pagination is located beneath the sidebar description.



BakaThemes Theme #09 - Naruto + Uchiha Theme

Naruto: Preview | Static Preview | Code

Uchiha: Preview | Static Preview | Code

  • 500 posts only
  • up to 10 customized links
  • enable/disable sidebar animation
  • enable/disable sidebar kunai & shuriken
  • enable/disable posts kunai & shuriken
  • enable/disable notes or date on top
  • enable/disable round post edges
  • enable/disable caption
  • enable/disable tags only on hover
  • enable/disable music player


              Theme #001 “Jump Then Fall” by sebklainee
                               p r e v i e w & { c o d e }

Theme features:

  • Sidebar image is 230px wide, 250px high.
  • Header image is 100px high. Make it as long as possible
  • Three custom links.

Terms of use:

  • Before using, like or reblog this post.
  • Do not use as a base for your own themes.
  • Keep the credit where it is.
  • Do not redistribute. Message me if there are any problems.
Alphabetical Theme Maker Masterlist - September 2014



*= Not added new theme in 6+ months

Bold - Themes added since last masterlist
Italic - Hiatus

Total theme makers: 400+

Themes at the bottom are themes where theme maker has deactivated not posted in a while etc. Those themes will be sorted separately at a later date.

If anyone is on this theme maker masterlist and wishes to be removed (including themes), please contact me off anon.

Credit to karofskyrps for the graphic and thanks to you guys for getting me past 4000 followers!

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VALAR MORGHULIS | tumblr theme #6 » live preview & static preview alternative colors & code

my sixth tumblr theme featuring the HBO fantasy series ‘Game Of Thrones’ originally written by GRRM

☆ you’re allowed to edit
☆ don’t use as a base
☆ credit me

☆ 500px post sizes
☆ 12 custom links
☆ three (!) descriptions possible
☆ you can disable the description box & use two different fonts for the title

please like or reblog if you use
if you have problems just ask me
my other themes can be found here [x]



This is my third theme and it was actually pretty difficult to make, but I’m very happy with the outcome. There is content from the episode ‘The Quarterback’, so if you’re triggered by that, I suggest not clicking the live preview.

I created this theme from this base code, so major props to airanasgrande for making that because it definitely helped me a lot along my first theme making adventure. It was also inspired by the themes made by Stella over at tashabartons.

I spent several hours on this theme and it was pretty difficult to make, that being said, anyone with theme experience should be able to edit it with no problem which is totally fine! Edit as you please. :)


  1. Do not remove the credit.
  2. Do not steal the code.
  3. Do not use as a base code.
  4. Do not redistribute as your own.

Those are the only four rules I have, so I hope you please respect them and don’t try to pull anything funny. I worked hard on this theme and I deserve the credit for it (along with Megan who created the base code). 


  • It includes two sidebar pictures.
  • The first picture is 431 x 200px.
  • The second picture is 185 x 220px.
  • There are four customizable links.
  • There is an option for a sidebar background and an entry background which is as show in the preview.
  • There is also an option for a background pattern which is not shown in the preview.
  • Posts are 500px wide.

I think that’s about it for now! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you are free to message me! Don’t forget to reblog or like this if you use the theme and I hope you enjoy it!



Broken Mirror [Page 09]

Redirect/Autoredirect Page/Main Theme

live preview - download

NB/ The live preview will also demonstrate the AUTOREDIRECT feature — the page will redirect after 5 seconds.  setTimeout call credit for autoredirect, tutorial by; oddhour

The autoredirect page will not just redirect to your ‘homepage’, it will also redirect any old URL that your followers may go to, to the new one — for example,

if you had a page at oldblogurl.tumblr.com/mypictures 

the redirect will take them to newblogurl.tumblr.com/mypictures

It will also redirect to specific posts.  This is useful for people who change their url, but keep the same blog and save their old url on a ‘place holder’ blog.

  • Background and text colours are customisable
  • Customisable top image
  • Image/gif size - max width 500px
  • Will show blog title and description
  • Enter ONLY the new url in the basic editor e.g. ‘newblogurl’ - and not the full url, you don’t need to enter ‘http://newblogurl.tumblr.com’

Image in the preview made by me [ also included in the code ].

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3

Please don’t remove credit, a like or reblog would be appreciated!



To continue on with the theme pack, I bring to you “I Don’t Want to Know” is the second theme in the Quinn Fabray”Duets” theme pack. Again, I say I hope you all won’t mind seeing a couple of ships you don’t like considering I know we all don’t see eye to eye on that.


Like before, the same rules applied to my old themes.

  • You may not redistribute this theme as your own. Nor can you use my theme as a base code.
  • You cannot remove any of the credits that I have placed on this place. If you do, a simple drop to my ask about placing it someplace else is acceptable. 
  • Feel free to edit this theme to your liking though I’m hoping there won’t be too much editing at all. 
  • If you need any help, don’t hesitate to send me a message for that. 


  • I thought I’d let you all know that there is a hover description on the right side on “image 3” in case any of you hadn’t noticed that yet.
  • In this theme you will find a background picture in your options as well as the backbar for entries.
  • Keep in mind of a simple title for this theme seeing as it’s not as long as the past ones that I’ve made.
  • The dimensions for the image and image 2 are 275 x 100
  • Image 3 is 200 x 362
  • There are eight links - six of them are customizable. 

Direct link to preview here ; Direct link to pastebin here