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Update on theme maker masterlist

I am up to 17 pages to go through roughly, but I keep queuing more themes to be posted so it changes from day to day.

Once that is done i’ll then need to go through ALL of the theme makers (over 400 of them), that i’ve posted in last 2 years to make sure got all urls correct and if any have deactivated etc.

It should be ready by 4000 followers (76 people to go).


Theme #54 Change Your Mind by Smullingar

Preview // Code

  • Please like/reblog if using
  • 6 customizable links
  • Sticky links/pagination
  • Rectangular sidebar
  • Message me if you have any problems x

theme 026 made by lydiasn, never forget to give like or reblog if you take it to use, don’t need to warn me in the ask if you are using, just give like or reblog, and don’t repost or claim as your own.  preview  -  code

the theme contains, 500px posts in one column, 2 sidebar images of size 150x150px, 7 custom links, title, description, search box and the bold text is colored.


Celestial Theme Two: Artemis

| Live Preview | Pastebin |

This is our second theme kicking off not only 50 followers in a day, but our series of themes, all named after celestial beings. Please like/reblog if you found this at all helpful/useful. If you want a link to the base code, just shoot us an ask and it'll be dealt with.

  • Possible sidebar background, which might look derpy in the customize, but when you save it, it'll be fine.
  • Two 200x300 sidebars.
  • A description.
  • 500x Posts.
  • 6 Customizable Links.
  • Moving Tab Title.
  • Fly/Fall next/previous clicker.
  • Do not claim as your own.
  • Do not redistribute as your own.
  • You may edit, but you have to keep the credit.
  • Please do not use as a base code.


✘ THEME 16 "Happily" BY CELINAOFRPHLP / Code 

This is Theme 16 “Happily” made by me. The description appears when you hover over left sidebar, so it’s pretty cute, heh? I really like this theme! However, this theme took me a while, but now I’m finished. Please don’t make the description too long, okay? I hope you still like this theme. Please like/reblog if you use this theme! 

Image sizes:

  • Sidebar 2 (left): 298x682px
  • Sidebar 3 (right): 298x682px
  • Sidebar 4 (Header): 752x133px
  • Sidebar background (left): 298x682px
  • Icon: 100x100px

The gradient I used can be found here!

Please don’t steal and/or claim as your own, okay?’ Message me if you want to publish an edited version of this theme or need any help!


Theme #3: Contained ft. Heo Gayoon

live preview: [x] install: [x]


  • contained theme
  • sidebar image: 250px width
  • four custom links
  • pop up askbox
  • post size: 400px


  • minimal html knowledge recommended for sidebar image


Please like or reblog! if you have questions about the theme come ask :)



Live Preview | Pastebin | Base Code

This my very first rph theme and I am proud to say, I've named it after Kedra, or better known as the original marzia of rp, marzofrps. I think I'm going to name all of my themes after my lovely rph friends. Anyway, please like/reblog if you found this useful, and my inbox is open if you have any questions.

  • You MAY use this as a base code
  • If you do, give me credit somewhere, your faq, inbox title, whatever.
  • If you don’t change the theme much, then I’d like you to keep my name in the html.
  • One sidebar, size 470x500
  • Six changeable links, home, ask, etc,etc.
  • Moving tab title.
  • Estimate of 500x wide posts.
  • Extremely long description.
  • A background, usually fits anywhere around the 1000 size.


✘ THEME 14 "King Park" BY CELINAOFRPHLP / Code 

This is Theme 14 “King Park” made by me. It’s something  different than my other themes, ‘cause there are image links and one sidebar, one header and one PNG image. I pretty like this theme, so you better like it too. Ha ha. However, this theme has a pagination which is over the sidebar. It’s just not showing on the LP. I hope you still like this theme. Please like/reblog if you use this theme! 

Image sizes:

  • PNG: 150x280px
  • Sidebar: 290x300px
  • Header: 530x100px
  • Links: 100x100px

The gradient I used can be found here!

Please don’t steal and/or claim as your own, okay?’ Message me if you want to publish an edited version of this theme or need any help!


Theme O4 by lexaofrp: CAITLIN -- live preview | download
  • Features 1 sidebar which is 800x250px 
  • Optional background image
  • 2 customizable text boxes on the right of your posts
  • Ask background
  • Five customizable links
  • Please do not edit and redistribute or redistribute in general
  • You can edit for personal use
  • Please LIKE/REBLOG this is you found this useful
  • This is not a base code, please do not use it as such


Theme 8: Onika

{ Preview | Code }

  • Contained theme
  • 400px posts
  • 10 custom links
  • Sidebar links appear on hover
  • 17 customizable colors
  • 3 font options for the title
  • Choose between round or square avatar (Or simply remove avatar)
  • Option to add or remove shadows

Questions? Ask away.